To Hit or To Sit ?

July 9, 2007 at 7:35 am | Posted in Parenting, Talks about Aryan | 5 Comments

A cousin with her 3 years old daughter, came for a sleepover this weekend.The little girl was so attracted to ‘Chota Baby’ and his toys.It so happened that all through the saturday , she kept on taking toys from Aryan’s hands.Though there were enough toys around , somehow they both wanted to play with same one at a time.And so she being elder would take all from him and he could only wail.Her mother kept on telling her to take some other toys but..

Finally on saturday night Aryan lost patience.As she touched the toy , he was playing with , Aryan held her hand and moved that away.Now it was her turn to wail.Well , the episode was over but next morning , it was worse. As she tried to touch the toy in his hand , he literally grabbed her collar and pushed her hands away.NOW ..we were all like :O

I do not know ,how I should interpret the whole episode :

1. Aryan is growing up to be an angry young man,swatting the kids around ?
2. Since he has been alone kid since so long , he does not know the joy of sharing.We did told both the kids to play together but the little girl did not give in.
3. “Yes We should Speak up !!” Aryan waited patiently for one day ..but then he had to fight for his rights.

We say , our kids are as we make them. In the day care older kids snatch toys from him and he can only cry if he does not do the same.So do I let him cry or teach him to fight back ? And if he is taught to fight back there , then why not at home , just because the kids in question here are his cousins or our guests ?

I know we should let him handle his own fights and decide on his own( as I suggested WIAN too), but then Morals ..we have to give him morals , which will form the base of his decisions.
Parenting definitely is not easy..scratching my head.



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  1. Whether it be friends or cousins, he has every right not to be bullied by any.

    I’m so proud of him. He just did what he should have! And infact thats a positive sign that instead of crying and turning to Ma/Pa, he handled it himself very well.

  2. Well..
    Most of us seem to be going through almost the same set of experiences 🙂
    I guess as long as our children are not physically abused or we dont see their self esteem going down, we can stay away…
    But it can quite heart-wrenching!!!
    Easily said than done 😦 Ask me!

  3. nm ..I did feel the same ..initially , but then later I felt that will he turn out to be dominating/angry and not willing to share.

    WIAN ..true , I do believe in let them handle all on own , with our support.We have to tell them good and bad and thats only when we know whats good ..:(
    He is JUST 11.5 months old ..:)

  4. hmmm. scratch your head indeed… ITs never easy to know what is a healthy mix of neither aggression nor meekness, is it? You want him to be a good boy and not fight, but you don’t want him to not be able to stand up for his rights either.

  5. Yes JLT ..EXACTLY what I wanted to say !! You read me right !!

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