Yes..We should speak up !!

July 3, 2007 at 12:33 pm | Posted in Memories, Society, Women | 3 Comments

Annie’s post brings back some memories ..yes ..of Delhi and DTC and Blue Lines.So many of them, which trigger so many different emotions.May be I will write about some of the memories some day , but let me first talk about the issue raised by Annie.

I remember on one of those May evenings while I was returning from work, I took a bus from ISBT to Noida.It was a blue line and I was a regular customer , plus the bus used to start from there(first stop) and so I could easily get my regular , favourite ,window seat , one among the reserved ladies seat.The bus got crowded and then over-crowded as it moved just about 2-3 stops(office hours you see !) but I happily sat there, looking out from my window , at the vendors , the traffic and the people in the bus.Sometimes I used to be amused at the talks going around and sometimes disgusted but then that was my usual routine and I was hardly bothered.

As the bus reached Laxmi nagar, there was a very old lady standing at the bus stop.She proceeded for our bus , but decided against getting in , looking at the inner situation.

The conductor told her ..”Aa jao Maaji”
The Old Lady : “Jagah nahi hai na”
Conductor : “Hai Maaji ..Aaa jao ..jagah dila doonga”

The lady struggled and somhow managed to get in.The conductor asked a guy on ladies seat to vacate but he payed least attention.The conductor did not asked again and got busy in getting in more people.Few ladies asked the man to vacate ladies seat , but in vain.The old lady requested conductor again for a seat and he says wait till next stop.Next stop was not far and all it brought was more people , pushing each other.The old lady stood helpless , when I got up and gave her my seat and I stood there between the two seats ..(as that was only space available).

The conductor looked at me ..well, I cannot tell if that was an expression of pity or admiration or was he laughing at me.He tells me “Madam kya kare ..jagah nahi hai” and I told him then why did he invite her in and in reply he tells me that he will soon get me a seat :P.A few minutes later the conductor offers me his seat .. 😛 I was so furious and just let him know that I am fine here.

I do not know , if we should have reserved ladies seats or not , though I always made use of the privelage given.(Yes.. I have forced some people to give me a seat at times..) But do we lack basic courtsey too. This post is not in self admiration , but then she was so old and skinny. She was not wanting to get into that over crowded bus , but trusted that conductor , who did not keep up the promise.He could have atleast given her his seat.The guy on the ladies seat..pity on him..have seen enough of those kinds who will give you a BIG LECTURE ..on why women want reservation ..when they talk about equality and all because of GIVING AWAY THEIR SEAT..but then she was his grand mom’s age ..should he not have respected her. Forget about ladies seats and that guy , but others ? Pity on all the guys, who wispered about the issue , but none of them gave away their seats , nor did they requested the guy for his.Well , I would have also not given mine , looking at the condition of bus (and all the ladies out there in delhi would know , what it means for a girl in such a bus ), but then I could not resist , looking at the female. I cannot expect selflessness from people , we are all selfish , but then their should be a balance. Don’t you think so ?

May be I am just revealing the obvious , that people who cannot fight for their rights , are not able to get their due.



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  1. It sad, isnt it?
    Are we becoming more and more inhuman? A girl gets stabbed by her lover in the middle of a crowded road and noone stops him!

    I myself have experienced the feeling of indifference when I was on the family way and travelling in the Mumbai local in the ladies compartment and none offered me a seat!!


  2. very thoughtful bhabhi!!!
    i truly mirror your opinion here.

    when i lived in bombay, i and my friends routinely gave up our reserved/unreserved seat to the elderly or expectant mothers. but a funny thing happened when i visited my younger sister in pune (she went to college there) and she once refused to hop onto a bus with me ‘coz she feared that when i got up to give my seat to the elderly, she may not want to give up hers but wud rather stand next to me rather than sit next to some stranger… but ofcourse, this was 7 years ago and we have all grown up now ha!ha!ha!

  3. WIAN and Manasi ..Its truly sad..I think we should find a balance between being selfish and selfless.Talk about local/buses , I was not given a chair in office seminar once , when I was expecting.The room was too small for the audience and so some had to stand. Hence ,I had to quit the event after sometime .. 😦

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