A Father’s Anxiety

June 28, 2007 at 9:46 am | Posted in Day Care, Parenting, Talks about Aryan | 6 Comments

Today morning while driving down to office …suddenly Anupam said “Hmm..Kya Kare”.It was as if he was thinking loud.So I asked him what happened ..”late ho gaye na”.I thought he is worried coz we are late today.But he said , nope ..”woh nahi…soch raha hoon ..kaash Monday kabhi na aaye.”

Now, don’t think , he was having ‘Monday blues’ on a Thursday or that he hates to go to work on a Monday.He is not a workoholic but he loves to work.The statement was a father’s anxiety.Aryan will go to Day Care from coming monday.About 45 minutes prior to the statement ,we had a discussion about Aryan’s daycare and the prepartions for his first day.I was already past the discussion, but it was still on Anupam’s mind and he wished his watch stops ticking.



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  1. *Sigh*…I can totally imagine your situation. And you know that too. But we as working parents have to learn to live with such anxieties. Unless ofcourse one decides to stay at home. Which ofcourse is not a very practical situation from our situations.

    So just hold on there, and like a typical hindi film dialogue “Sab theek ho jayega”

  2. awww so sweet! we moms are more expressive.. but dads are equally anxious if not more..DH gets so restless everytime the baby cries or even when she so much as sneezes or coughs, he is the one with a worried frown on his face..sweet sweet dads!

  3. Yeah Trishna..we sometimes have no idea , what men go through just because they do not express as we do ..:)

  4. don’t worry, dears. I’m sure Aryan will cope better than you guys will. The first week will be extra difficult, but after another week or so, Aryan should love going to school and making friends.

    Missed linking you up. Have linked up now! 🙂

  5. Yeah JLT..i hope so.

    Thanks for linking me up.

  6. seems like i missed the knowledge of the ‘important monday’ … how did it go bhabhi… how is he taking to it all… and most importantly you and bhaiya…

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