Ta Ra Rum Pum

June 26, 2007 at 9:22 am | Posted in Fun Stuff, Movie | 2 Comments

I saw another movie on Saturday.That was Ta Ra Rum Pum.I had great expectations from the movie, considering that it was a Yashraj movie and also Rani and Saif were repeating themselves after Hum Tum and ofcourse because of the promos.But I guess I was disappointed.Nothing to blame the actors ofcourse , who played their roles well , including the kids and the dog too.But something was missing. The story was not new , well that ofcourse is never new in any of the Yashraj movies. Its only the treatment of the story , that makes it happening. They tried to treat this differently too. The Car Racing was an innovative thought in Bollywood.But then the poverty shown in the movie was too old fashioned (not sure if thats the right word).

He was a so very successful man , with two kids and an intelligent educated wife.He had a trauma of an accident and could not do what he was best at.Okay , understandable, but his wife who is known for her forsightedness , did not see the rainy days ahead and waited till they are hand to mouth. She simply sat at home for 2 years (one when he was bed ridden and next when he was looking out another team).For those 2 years , she neither completes her degree , nor searched a job.And suddenly one fine day they don’t have anything to eat.

What more , they decide to hide everything from their kids and let them go in the same top school.Okay..school is understood , but I feel they could have told their kids that they have some hard days ahead.Now , as in most hindi movies , the kids suddenly start behaving as adults and so did the little girl , when they realize that they are poor.Now, I could not digest the love of the kids for their school, so much that they were ready to skip lunch everyday and eat from dustbins.

The movie gets super slow in second half.It you forget the motor racing and the foriegn location , you will feel like you are watching a movie in 1960’s rather than in 2007.The climax was an obvious one and no one could have expected otherwise.



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  1. the lesser is said about this one from the yashraj stable, the better it is. after i saw the promos, i kinda guessed that in a routine manner it will come to grate. saved my brain for ‘jhoom barabar jhoom’ and enjoyed despite its idiocity… a brain can only handle as much junk… isnt it 🙂

  2. Hahahha..true Manasi !

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