Bheja Fry

June 26, 2007 at 5:28 am | Posted in Fun Stuff, Movie | 3 Comments surely was!!! Sunday evening we all had our bhejas fried in our own living room with Mr Bharat Bhushan(Vinay Pathak) , the star of the movie.Now don’t you ask me what was the story about and questions like that.Infact if you ask me , what made me cry, thats also tough , cause we all laughed so much that we had tears.

Mr Thandani calls Mr Bharat Bhushan for a dinner ,to make him a bakra in front of his friends.But they could not leave for the dinner , because of Mr Thandani’s broken back.
So , two of them are at Thandani’s house , with Mr Bhushan entertaining Thandani with his music and Thandani laughing at the idiot.Soon they came to know that Thandani’s wife has left the home (for no obvious reason) , may be forever. So imagine Mr Thandani pissed off with his broken back and then with his wife and in company of a super idiot.

Thandani is dependent on Bharat Bhushan , because of his broken back.Mr Bhushan gives ideas and suggestions to Thandani to get his wife back or atleast find out where she was.All the ideas seemed to work , only until the idiot screwed them up.

The dialogue delivery is what makes you laugh like anything.All the actors have played their part well.Vinay Pathak and Rajat Kapoor were amazing ,while Pathak stole the show.

The climax made me imagine , who was the real Bakra, coz all through the movie Mr Bhushan made bakra of Thandani using his idioticity.



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  1. I can’t resist using the line ‘See…I told you so!” hahahaha…

    It is truly a funny movie which everyone will enjoy!

    Vinay Pathak was too good!

  2. half way into the movie, and i told bhuwan that ‘bheja fry’s bharat bhushan’ was the comic equivalent of a ‘serial killer’… from every scene to the next, he kills every relation he comes accross of Thadhani…

    truly enjoyed it…

  3. ‘Serial Killer’ …LOL ..Good interpretation… 🙂

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