Imagining about Aryan’s Birthday..

June 25, 2007 at 11:34 am | Posted in Birthday, Parenting, Talks about Aryan | 3 Comments

Aryan’s Birthday is round the corner. Just about 25 days when my son would be an year old.This is just so unbelievable till this date.Sometimes I am not able to believe that I am through with my pregnancy and then now I have to trust that my baby is going to be ONE.. 🙂

Aryan’s Birthday celebration is bothering my mind from last 2 months.Since the time my pregnancy time friemds started celebrating their babies Birthdays.How will I celebrate ? Its his first Birthday , but he will not be able to remember anything.But it should be made special.We should atleast so something.But will he enjoy a party ? He doesnot have friends and most guests will be strangers to him. Will it be a torture for him ? I want to see him happy and not cranky when we celebrate. Coz its his day and no point celebrating when he is not happy.Should there be a party ? Should it be grand or quiet ? At home or in a hall or just a dinner in a restaurant with few friends/relatives ? What will Aryan enjoy ? If its a party , what kind of a Venue ? Lunch or Dinner ? Who all to be invited ? What should be return gifts ? What will be the Menu ?

Now, don’t you laugh at me. You must be thinking how stupid I am to think of return gifts and Menu without even knowing if there is a party.Well , thats the typical me. I would imagine granular details and get excited thinking about them. But when I talk about them to my husband , all I would get to hear will be , still there is so much time, we will decide later.Should not blame him too, sine he cannot be like me, but its so depressing at times.

So, here I am thinking again an again about the same topic.And deciding somthing different, every other day. With very few friends and relatives in this city , my latest decision is to have a quiet dinner in some restaurant with 3-4 families.Anupam seems to agree on this.Now, I am thinking about the venue, which is still undecided.Probably because I cannot decide alone and others will paricipate just a week before.

I wish , Aryan could let me know, how he wants his Birthday to be.



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  1. I think this goes for all the parents full of anxiety and enthusiasm for their child’s first b’day!

    Whatever way you celebrate, I am sure you all including Aryan will have a great time!

    Trust me in no time, he will be telling you what he wants to do on his brithday and who all he wishes to invite 🙂

  2. Hey I had lost your blog address – thanks to your comment I could come back.
    Now I think a child as small as Aryan is going to enjoy anything where he is the centre of attention. Much as YOU might want to have a grand party, all the effort in organising and attending to the guetss will only take all your time leaving you with less time and energy for the child. A less fussy affair, informal with close friends and possibly some children, a little older who will give him attention, is what I would do in your place.
    Looking forward to hearing about it.All the best.

  3. Thanks for coming in Usha and reading my older posts too.

    Yes probably you are right.We need to keep it quiet.Will sure update about the event.

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