My Baby Strongest!

June 7, 2007 at 12:40 pm | Posted in Day Care, Talks about Aryan | 5 Comments

“My Daddy Strongest!”..must have heard / read this.Did you ever hear/read “My Baby Strongest!”. Funny it may sound , as we always associate “Strong” with physical strength.But here I mean inner strength.

Don’t you think that your little baby is the strongest.Stronger than you and his dad. Labour and Birth, remember how you felt after that.And imagine your strong boy,he was so so small and he came out in flying colours.Moreover did not rest for a minute.He struggled to breathe and then to latch.

But not only that,further ahead in life, he showed us so much courage.Remember the day when you joined back work after maternity ? Leaving your little one to someone else.I remember my heart beating fast all through the day. I remember that I felt like crying. But somehow I believed that my baby is stronger than me, that he can handle all.Aryan proved me right.Till date , he never cried when I left for office.Sometimes he would cling to me before I leave and sometimes he makes fuss , but he is fine after a minute and that makes me strong and confident.People have been telling me from last 6 months that , “Wait for another month and he won’t let you go.” I always thought they are right , but probably now I don’t think so. I never sneaked away. We always say bye to him. Touch wood, all works well till date. Thanks to his dadi too, probably she never let him feel that I am away.

Now we have another exam round the corner.Aryan would go to day care. I know probably my heart will bump out and Anupam’s too.Aryan is such a pampered baby.He has never stayed away from family.Will he get adjusted ? Will he sleep in noise , he is not used to it ? How will they make him eat,he is not fussy but only we know the tricks to feed him? So many , so many worries.But somehow back of my mind I feel , I should trust my son.He is strong and he makes me feel confident.

You know Mum’s will be Mum’s. They never get to know when the kid grows up.



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  1. It really is true! Our children are much much stronger than we are. I remember when I used to leave my baby home when I had joined back work, almost everyday I used to walk out of the door with heavy feet and he would be waving me bye-bye.

    He proved to me more stronger when we had to leave him at the daycare when he was just 9 months and a week young.

    I still remember the incident when once he was running fever of almost 102.5 and I had tears in my eyes and he asks me “Mumma, aap ro rahe ho?” And when I replied saying “Yes I’m.” since he’s not feeling well he replied “Main jaldi theek ho jayunga!”

    So he was the one who made me stronger then! We as parents become so weak when anything comes on to our children and then its our children who make us regain our strength by doing or saying something!

  2. Yes, our children are stronger than we are and I have said this before- we always underestimate their coping skills. Ananya constantly amazes me with her strength!

  3. Oh he is going to be fine – like you said they are much tougher than we give them credit for. yet it is impossible for a mom to watch her child grolw up without these lumps in the throat and feeling protective and anxious.

  4. True …Moms will be moms.I guess we should stop underestimating our babies.

  5. You said it. Babies are tough. its us mothers who are soppy and weak and afraid… 🙂

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