Complete Contrast !!

May 31, 2007 at 11:32 am | Posted in Day Care | 11 Comments

Found two different day cares in two different localities. These places were refered and praised by Anupam’s collegues and suit us somewhat (we will need to shift house , for one),so are top in the list.But they turned out complete contrast. D1 and D2 is what I will refer them , for ease of writing.

D1 is a new place , in a posh locality , opened by a US returned fairly young female.The place is big , clean and carpeted,good cots and matresses, equipped with latest toys , educated teachers (which will do ALL) , plasama TV and CC cameras. They will give food , engage them in lot of activities and discipline them to a schedule.She will use diapers , but assures that she will train them for potty.

D2 on the other hand is a homely place , run by a old Tamilian lady , called Paty(Granny) by the kids. The place is comparitively smaller , non-carpeted , no fancy toys , no matresses and cots but simple floor mats, no teachers but aayas, no TV and no camera.We have to pack and keep the food with them , which will be heated and served. Kids will be allowed to live as they want , no discipline , but she will not use diapers and train them for potty.

NOW..why the confusion !! Let us make a list of Pros and Cons :

D1 – Pros

1. Commodious and Clean
2. Good Cots and Matresses
3. Freshly cooked Food
4. Camera , so that we can see baby from our offices.
5. Lot of activities with all kinds of toys.

D2 – Pros

1. The Old Lady is well experienced ,not only being old , running the plae from 2 years.
2. Baby will get a homely environment.
3. No Diapers , so faster potty training
4. Baby’s routine and food will not be changed much , just that he will need to get adjusted to new place.
5. ***specific to me*** No need to shift house.

D1 – Cons

1. The owner is not experienced for running a day care and sounded too theoritical.
2. Felt like she was insisting too too much on schedule and I am not sure that kids can be programmed to a schedule so well (includes food and sleep timings) and how good is that for their normal physical and more importantly physcological growth.
3. Diapers , why will anyone bother for potty training when baby is in diaper.
4. TV, who wants little kids hooked to TV.
5. ***specific to me*** Will need to shift house.

D2 – Cons

1. No planned activities. Baby will just spend time as he/she wants. So not sure how well will he learn new things and if Just sleeping , eating and playing with other kids is good enough.
2. Hygine and cleaniness, It was a clean place but not spot less.

I plan to put Aryan to day care when he will be 11 months old.Both the places have been highly praised by collegues and so they are highly prefered among others. But how do I decide among the two ?



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  1. it seems to me you’ve already made your choice! you already seem to be inclined towards the paati… go with your gut. am sure baby and you will both be happy!

  2. 1)I think at less than a year, Aryan would prefer the paati’s TLC to the super efficient D1.
    2) For a proper school, you need to consider shifting house, not for playschool. Settle for soemthing closer now, so long as you like it
    3) TV is a definite no-no. The camera is attractive, but lets face it- if you plan to start work, your chances of drooling at that pic of your little one are limited.

    Finally- how did Aryan react? Or is he too young for him to respond…?

  3. Hi Swati,

    In my opinion D2 (paati) is better.
    1. She is experienced and in taking care of kid experience matters most. As u already said I also think D1 sounds more theoritical….
    2. You will be packing the food for Aryan so that way u can pack whatever u want Aryan to feed and whatever he likes to eat. In other place he might not like the food and might not eat properly.
    3. Its closer to ur house. I’m not sure about the idea of changing the house for daycare.
    4. Camera thing sounds very attractive but with work in office u might not get any time to even check the screen…

  4. Hi Swati,
    Even it seems that I and you are sailing in same boat. Here I am not able to decide between daycare (american licenced) or baby sittin (indian )
    Well From your explation , D1 has very attractive features than D2. But at this age i think what matters is homely atmosphere rather than a descipline , programmed , hi tech daycare.
    I think Aryan would be good with D2 day care as lady is well experienced.
    Aryan would have food prepared by you , so you will be sure of the quality of food. And it would be his usual taking known food.
    In india i think potty training does not matter a lot. If he trained it is good , but should not be hard rule.
    Thats what i think….

  5. Thanks MM,JLT,Renu and Priya for giving your opinion and helping me out. I really needed that.

    Everyone (whoever read this or I spoke to) has suggested D2 only.I thought I was neutral while I wrote the post but everyone says that they can read my inclination for D2.

    I also feel the same, I guess, though we have still not decided 100%. Aryan will be starting day care from 1st July as per the plan, as of now. So we still have a little time to think.

    I am thinking that I will let him go to D2 for 6 months( if he is happy there ) and once he is 1.5 year old , think fresh , as then he will need some activities. I may then think of D1 or put him to a playschool for morning hours and D2 in afternoon.

    Again thanks for prompt replies.

  6. I also think at D2, he will not only sleep and eat but will find his own ways to interact with other kids.

  7. Yes Sunita , May be you all are right.. 🙂 Lets see how it goes. Starting on 1st July.

  8. hi! where are these places? can i hav the name locale. I wud also like to check out theoptions

  9. Hi ITW..You are in Bangalore ? I thought you are in Chennai.Anyways ..D1 is Sparrows care in HSR Layout,Sector 4 and D2 is Baby’s Day Out in HAL area.Both the places have a website too.

  10. Hey Swati, you near HAL? me too. Wouldn’t it be funny if we were to meet up without knowing each other? 🙂 My son is in Mitrajyoti Montessori.

  11. Yes JLT..that would be great.I live at airport road. How is Sonny boy ? Did you check out the blog i made for Aryan

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