8 things about me…

May 26, 2007 at 3:01 pm | Posted in Fun Stuff, Introspection | 5 Comments

Hmm.. SM has Tagged me ..So I need to say 8 things about me thats not known to you..
Fun Game !!

1. I wanted to be doctor since childhood and I still want too.. 😀 Though I know this will always remain a dream.
2. I am too too short tempered , which is the reason of all my problems in life.
3. I love soft music , Jagit singh is my favourite.
4. Sometimes I like movies which turn out to be real flops.. like in my early teens I liked movies called “Dil Ka Kya Kasoor” and “Deewana”..:D
5. I would love to dress up like Cindrella once in my life.
6. I always wanted to sing and dance well , but I never could.
7. I was soooooo punchual till college that my friends used to hate me for that. I would yell at them if they were late by 5 mins and they would always be.. 🙂 Once I made them all wait for 45 mins in a restaurant to give them a lession. Now I can not manage to be that that punchual though I still want to.
8. I believe that my intution never drives me wrong , and I sometimes develop strong likes and dislikes based on that , but I guess thats not justified behaviour.

Hey …I did it ..in just 5 mins !! And I really enjoyed doing this.
Now I tag.. Do I write, Agelessbonding and Karmickids.
Go check them out !



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  1. Intuition is a reflection of our past experiences coupled with our level of comfort.

    Likes and dislikes are manifestations of our comfort level with respect to the person/thing for which a like or dislike is being formed.

    Why do you think this is not justified behaviour?

  2. Anon , May be you are correct.For me sometimes its based on past experiences and sometimes its just an inner voice.

    But I feel, forming an opinion or like /dislike for someone based on just your apprehensions is not justified.You may be right and you may be wrong. Everyone should be given a chance.

  3. :). I wanted to be a doctor too and I still want to too..
    Jagjit is my favorite too.
    I am hated for my punctuality too.
    Now this is soooo spooky.
    I am travelling right now. will pick up the tag when i return.

  4. Ohh Usha ..thats too much for a conincidence 😀

    Will look forward to read you.

  5. Finally did the tag. Sorry it had completely slipped my mind until I saw your comment today!

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