The much awaited milestone !

May 22, 2007 at 11:44 am | Posted in Milestones, Talks about Aryan | 3 Comments

“Finally !!” is what was on my mind when he moved ahead. Aryan(Aru) was trying to crawl since long and every single day my husband would estimate about in how many days will he be able to crawl and my MIL and I would thumbs up to what he says.

But all in vain. None of the estimates worked and he could only try and try and try.I lost hopes for his crawling and thought he will probably walk directly as I did.Sometimes when people asked me , “Did he crawl?” , I would joke that Aru has decided to swim and fly ..and crawling is not something he wants. Quite recently though , just about a week back , he started moving in reverse gear ,in sitting postion itself.

Now that he started crawling ..we have started estimating the time for his walking. I know he will prove us wrong again.I think better we should enjoy looking at him , crawling on his tummy using his hands and mastering the skill. And let him enjoy the same too for quite some time 🙂

Today I know ,one fine day he will decide to walk too and its better to give him, his own time.



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  1. I agree with you-he’ll walk when he is ready to walk. I did a post on this too.
    BTW tagged you.

  2. totally agree with you on the concept of ‘his own time’ and applies to grown up kids too… you know what i mean 😉

    oh and a new thing i learned here… SIL and MIL


  3. Thanks SM…Lets see when !!.

    Manasi…yeah that applies to all !!
    MIL , SIL, FIL, BIL ..hahahhah!!

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