How do they know LOVE !!

May 22, 2007 at 5:32 am | Posted in Talks about Aryan | 3 Comments

Sunday evening at about 4 PM , my SIL and her family returned home after spending 5 days vacation with us. Soon after they left , Aryan slept.He was too tired after having loads of fun with the kids and slept for about 4 hours.

When he woke up , he realized that his Bua , Phupha ji and the two bro’s (9 and 5 years old) are not yet back. He realized that probably they are gone.He realized that it was another usual evening for others, with everyone watching TV and chatting. He became very cranky and clinged to me hard and wanted all our attention. We switched off the TV and did all what we could to make him happy. But he won’t let go. He wanted everyone else to just in front of him , till he slept that night.Probably he felt lonely or insecure.

It was so amazing to realize that a 10 months old baby could understand love and attention so well.When his 9 year old bro gave a peck on his cheek , he smiled back and he called me(in his own language ,the typical ‘ayeee’) to tell the same. He looked as if he felt blessed. When my SIL holded him in her arms , he rubbed his cheeks to hers to show his love.These were the people he has not met before , atleast not in recent past. Now they are gone and he misses them.

Love, for sure needs no words.



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  1. of course they know… and the motta looks absolutely cute!

  2. Thanks JLT !!

  3. Believe me Swati, all those cute children love each other

    I come from a very big family of 8 brothers and 3 sisters.

    My family was very poor when we were growing up.

    But all of us loved each other irrespective of the fact that sometimes we have to go to bed without dinner.

    Now all of us are in our 80’s, 70’s and 60’s….Love bring us together.

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