Good mothering makes you a good mother

May 10, 2007 at 5:15 am | Posted in Day Care | 2 Comments

I Read the following here :After I had kids I realized that it doesn’t matter if you stay home, if you work full or part time, if your kids are homeschooled, public-schooled, in daycare, or not. Those are all variables. They are not reliable indicators of a good upbringing.

The best indicator is how you parent.

Spending all day with your kids, staying home, that doesn’t make you a good mother. Practicing good mothering makes you a good mother



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  1. It’s quite a generic article, which says things that 1000 other people have said.

    I find words “Good Mothering” are very vague. The word good itself is so diverse and very perceptive. You will look at Good mothering from Mother’s perspective or from the child’s or a third person to tell you if you are mothering good or not?

    Can anyone define “Good Mothering”? I don’t think so.

  2. Yes , this is a generic article ..nothing new. But I liked the lines. True , ‘Good’cannot be defined.Certain things cannot be defined like ‘love’.How much do you love your baby ? Could you define that. The point here is whether u spend 2 or 24 hours with your baby , more important is how you spend the time.

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