Managing time for ME ..Just ME !!

May 9, 2007 at 12:55 pm | Posted in Introspection | Leave a comment

Yesterday I read a post on someone’s blog titled “Do Clothes Make the Mom? By Stacy Canzonieri”. Though I lost the link to the post , it made me wonder so many different things.

I am a mom of a 10 months baby and if I look at myself ,yes I have not been to parlour for last 3 months , mind it not even for eyebrows. But should I blame that to my baby ..I guess no. If you dress up nicely or not , depends on your interest and also how well you can manage time.Before being a mom too , sometimes I was lazy to go to parlour and visited only when I could no longer look at my own face πŸ˜€

I guess the problem with me is something else.When life becomes monotonous , I loose interest in everything. Everything as in it getting ready or whatever.Faced the smiliar situation in pregnancy too.So what do I do ..sometimes I did nothing and waited for things to change. But perhaps now I cannot do the same.As I know life is not going to change in near future. My job is monotonous , but I have decided to stick here for its easy going and I dont have to spend weekends and evenings at work and I can get ample time for my little one. At home , ofcourse things will be same , getting ready , coming to office , back home , play with my son ,take care of him and then off to bed.Ofcourse I enjoy spending time with my family in evenings and thats the best part of my day.So how should I cope up with my monotonous schedule and find something that can make me happier.

One, I think, I will have to learn to manage my time better so that I can find time to do something more than the routine work and keep myself alive.

Two, When I was pregnant I discovered that I love interacting with strangers with similiar interest. So I found so many pregnant friends and they are still with me.Reading mails from them is an important and refreshing part of my day.

Three, I started writing this blog.I realized that blogging (reading and writing) is a great way to find people of same interest , to align one’s thought,to scratch the rusting brain and to excrete negative energy. So here I am ..finding time out of such a busy schedule for doing something I like. Perhaps I can develop this hobby for better. Or perhaps one day I will find this also monotonous. Thats the reason I decided not to write everyday , but only when I feel a need. But I do spend some time reading blogs , almost everyday.

Four , I found that retail therapy works for me. Going out on weekends ,even if thats for buying veggies from super market makes me feel good. So I guess , next I should refresh my driving skills so that I am not dependent on anyone for some retail therapy .. πŸ˜€ Just me and my little one will roam around the town.

What more , I have thought of making a scrapbook for my baby’s first year and gift it to him sometime later, when he is grown up enough, to understand it. Don’t really know , if I will live upto it.

And yes , I plan to go to parlour this weekend ! But lets see ..”If I find Time” .. πŸ˜›


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